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Wrongful Death

If a loved one dies due to the negligence or miscounduct of another then you may be entitled to bring an action for wrongful death. An action for wrongful death lies with the heirs of the deceased. Texas has a civil "wrongful death statute”, which establishes the procedures for bringing wrongful death actions. Actions for personal injury, conscious pain and suffering, or expenses incurred prior to the decedent's death can be brought by the personal representative of the deceased.

A wrongful death claim may arise out of a number of circumstances, such as in the following situations:   

  • Medical malpractice which results in death; 
  • An  Automobile accident; 
  • Exposure to a dangerous condition on the job; 
  • And many other situations in which someone’s negligence results in the death of another person. 

If you have a loved one that has suffered due to the negligence of another, contact attorney Giddens immediately. In Texas the statute of limitations (time you have to bring your claim) for personal injury and wrongful death actions is typically two years from the date of the accident. However this is not a hard and fast rule there are some exceptions, but it is important that you don't waste anymore time. Without the assistance of an attorney you may receive a fraction of the amount you are entitled to. If you would like to know what to expect before coming to our office, please see ourInitial Consultations section.


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