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Personal Injury

Personal injury is generally based on tort law. There are three different types of torts that are included in personal injury.

The first type of tort, an intentional tort occurs when one person intentionally injuries another. A basic example of this is a fist fight.  

The second and most common is the tort of negligence.  Negligence typically occurs when someone acts in a negligent or reckless manner and causes injury to another person.  This tort would encompass car accidents, premise liability (slip and falls), aviation accidents, and many other situations which someone’s negligence caused injury to another. 

The third tort is strict liability.  This tort is commonly used in products liability cases to hold the manufacture of a product liable for injuries caused by their product. 

If you feel that you have a case for personal injury, you have come to the right firm. Attorney Giddens not only dedicates a large portion of his practice to personal injury, but he is also board certified in personal injury. Just keep in mind that in Texas the typical statute of limitations for personal injury is two years, so act soon. If you would like to know what to expect before coming to our office, please see our Initial Consultations section. 



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